Thursday, November 14, 2013

2013 advent calendar (free template)

Like so many Christmas is my favorite time of year – I love it all, the decorating, baking, wrapping, making, Christmas songs and most importantly sharing it with family and friends. I must admit having little ones is what makes it so exciting. Each year I’ve been making my own advent calendars for the kids and this year I thought I would share it with you! My inspiration came from one of my favorite blogs Oh happy day so this is my take on it. I’ve only made six little houses so far but was too excited and had to share. You can make it easy for yourself by making one house and changing the number flag each day or if you are eager you can make 24 one for each day. Print out the house template on card and the numbered flags on coloured paper of your choice. The cute little felt star I bought from tres divin. You could get the kids involved by letting them decorate each one with stickers or they could paint or draw on each one. 

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