Friday, May 15, 2015

Collaborative Photoshoot

I was really fortunate to be a part of a collaborative bedroom photoshoot by the Eclectic Creative Studio, which was made possible by Casey from Six by Eight. I am so happy that I have joined the Six by Eight team.

The concept behind the Collaborative Photoshoot gave the opportunity for small businesses to provide their products to be beautifully styled in situ – this meant that us little guys could be amongst other brands and have the opportunity to purchase the images at a fraction of the price of a full service photo-shoot, no strings attached. I am so thrilled with the results; they truly made my little ring stand shine!

Styling by Jess Viscarde and photography by Suzi Appel.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

I love instagram...

...for me it’s a wonderful creative community where I'm often inspired and connect with like minded people. It is where I was drawn to the Meet Make Create logo (designed by Cass Deller) in the paperrunway feed and I was compelled to find out more. I discovered an opportunity that was available and suited me perfectly – I have a beautiful studio space where I work from but from the beginning I envisioned it to be a creative hub for other like minded people to come or the not so creative to come and learn something new, where a group of friends could meet and have a cuppa and do a bit of crafting.

Nikki Bucknell from Paper Runway has created this new business Meet Make Create – it is all about bringing creativity back into your child’s life. Meet Make Create after school and creative workshops is where your child will meet, make new friends and create a world of wonder.
Meet Make Create provides a term-based program that will enrich and nurture your child’s creativity. Their aim is to let children discover the magic of working with their hands, and encourage them to showcase their creations with pride. 
I will be hosting Meet Make Create creative workshops at my studio in Peakhurst. Each term runs for 8 weeks, the next term commences on Thursday 24 July 2014 ending on Thursday 11 Sept 2014. The classes are run from 4pm – 5:30pm.

Cost - $160 per term or $25 per casual visit (special introductory rates)
Term 3 themes include Print Making, Paper Exploration, Working with Textiles and Nurturing Nature.

Bookings are essential as places are limited and can be made online here.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Who is your Target Audience? - suprisingly mine is Nina from Offspring!

When you are setting up a creative business, many factors are taken into consideration such as who is your target audience? I really had a difficult time answering that question; until it hit me! I’m in the process of launching a new handbag design and I realised that when designing it, I actually had one person in mind. Don’t laugh. Nina Proudman from Offspring. I did after all name my fabric design after her! It’s perfect because she is not a real person, she is a character and I can see that Nina around 30-something obstetrician, has her own individual style and now is a new mum. I think she would love a handmade product especially made in Australia, limited edition as she wouldn’t want too many others carrying the same bag. She is a career woman who appreciates and can afford spending a little bit more on quality. As a new mum this bag is perfect for her as she can wear it across her body and is hands free to hold bubs or push the pram. It is just the right size to keep her mobile, wallet and lip-gloss. The fabric is pale grey linen, which will soften with wear. The design is hand screen printed in black, which will suit many of her outfits. Come to think of it, she would also like my handcrafted ring stands as they would look great on her bedside table, any colour would suit from the beautiful painting by Rosetta Santucci or the gorgeous Nancybird quilt cover. I could even see Nina putting a ring stand on her window sill when she takes off her rings before she washes up or anywhere really in her eclectic home! I also think she would love my handcrafted tree artworks in her babies room, I could even add a little owl for baby Zoe just to make it even more special.

This process has made it a bit easier when asking and thinking about my target audience, obviously having a bit of fun along the way as well!

Image source: Inside Out Magazine issue July/Aug 2013 Photography : Armelle Habib

Monday, May 19, 2014

me we trees - family tree and newborn personalised artwork's

When my daughter was born, I wanted to make and create unique things for her and to decorate her bedroom with. That’s when my first tree was conceived and created. I have fond memories growing up when my mum used to take me to the park and we had our own special tree where we would always have our picnic. For me, trees represent magic, new beginnings and memories, each one is special in it’s own way. So I’ve combined my love of sewing, even though it’s not in the traditional sense, with my love of paper and together it creates an original and personal artwork. They can be given as a keepsake to preserve and share family history, for a birth or even positive thoughts and inspirational quotes.

I started giving my artworks to friends and family as gifts and then they wanted to buy them to give as gifts.

So much work goes into each artwork, I hand cut the trunk out of kraft paper, occasionally I might use paper from vintage maps or posters which I then stitch down on canvas with the sewing machine to create the lines of the bark. The leaves are hand cut from remnant papers that I have collected over the years from old books, beautiful envelopes or I buy handmade papers. I really love the Japanese papers, as they are so beautiful. I’ve been lucky enough to have a friend of mine visit India and bring me back a selection of handmade paper. I love going to second hand shops looking for those special papers and old maps. I’m always on look out for unique papers, I have even cut up my last years Frankie diary, as I loved the designs that were used and were just the right colour. Even though my artworks are of trees each one is different and unique. I am able to use the same colour scheme as one I have created before but they will never be exact or a duplicate.

I used to showcase my artworks at Eveleigh Artisans Market at the Carriage Works on the first Sunday of every month, which made it easy for customers to come and see my work and be able to make a selection. Unfortunately, the markets are no longer. So I’ve had to rethink how I am able to showcase my work. I am very lucky to have met Nicola from Concrete and Honey at the ABCD social meet-ups and have been following her on instagram. I love her feed as the images are so beautifully styled and so pretty. I asked if she could style and photograph my trees and you can see for yourself that she did a amazing job showing how special the trees can look in a baby’s nursery.

If you are interested in ordering a tree, I am able to email you a selection to choose from or if you have a particular colour scheme in mind I can customise to those specific colours. If you would like me to personalise your tree I am able to fit up to 12 names comfortably with the family name at the top. Artworks for newborns, you will need to supply the name, date, time, weight and length.

It is my greatest hope that you will find the same joy I feel when I create my original pieces to either keep for yourself or give as a gift. Here are some lovely testimonies from a few of my very happy customers.

Thank you for rushing my order through, the tree was gorgeous, they loved it, my girlfriend told me it was the best wedding present they got.:)  |  Linda G

WOW!!!!! It looks beautiful. Thanks so much Michelle :)))
I absolutely love it xx  | Vicky C

My friend had you make a beautiful family tree when our daughter Charlotte was born. We get so many compliments on it, so thank you. | Sarah M

I was so thrilled to find the perfect birthday gift for my sister. You are very talented! I also really appreciate the excellent service you have provided by sending it out to me so promptly and for free and giving me the frame details. It is very rare these days to get such great service. Thanks once again.  |  Susan L

All photos taken by Nicola - Concrete & Honey Styling & Photography

Friday, May 9, 2014

Combing art and good food

I spotted this gorgeous new book “The ForestFeast” in the latest issue of Inside Out Magazine and it then led me to Erin Gleeson’s beautiful blog. Erin is a food photographer from New York who then moved with her husband to a cabin in California surround by a backdrop of ancient trees. How amazing does that sound? What appealed to me the most was how the recipes are displayed visually. Erin creates all the artwork and handwriting, a simple way to produce the recipe; I think my children would find it easy too. This is another book that is added to my list.