Monday, November 18, 2013

My art...

I’ve been hesitant in showing my paintings for a while now, it’s a different story with my screen printing and craft work – so lately I’ve been asking myself the question; Why?

To be honest it’s the fear of being judged, mainly because I do not have an Arts degree, even though I’ve always wanted to have one. Without the qualifications – I think to myself, what gives me the right to paint? However, in saying that when I like an artist and discover that they are self taught, I actually admire that artist for having the courage to put themselves out there and actually doing it! And then say to myself, I wish I were a bit more like that, I wish I had more courage.

When I am painting I feel so happy and my day becomes consumed in colours and shapes and before I know it, I realise that it has been hours since I’ve had a coffee or even had something to eat! To put it simply it gives me joy.

So what has caused the change? It’s been a long process (and it's still ongoing) but lately it feels that it is all coming together. I’ve been reading, reading and reading. My amazing husband borrowed the book by Robert Holden 'Success Intelligence' many years ago and it all began from there. The Artist’s Way has been very inspirational. Listening to podcasts by Marisa from Creative Thursday and signing up and completing different on-line courses. Blog Your Way by Holly Becker being one of them. Attending a colour workshop by Shannon Fricke. Having a wonderful and talented friend Michelle (michelle morris interiors) and going through a creative journey together and supporting one another. Re-connecting with an old school friend, Kelly, and picking up where we left off, having conversations about art, books and getting together over food. Having two amazing mentors (Bob and Jo) who see something in me that I cannot and having their continued support over the years.

Meeting like minded people; so grateful for meeting Lisa (the red thread) a few years ago when she was doing markets and told me about the ABCD social (previously meet-up) and meeting truely amazing women and becoming friends, joining instagram and realising what a supportive and creative community it is. Attending the BHB morning tea and watching the weekly inspiration bombs – I have the biggest girl crush on ClareBowditch and think what she is doing is amazing. Having someone I admire purchase one of my paintings when she walked into my studio, when I only had them up as display, as no-one really visits! Then having another person I respect buy one when I took a few to a market, just to see on the off-chance if anyone would be interested.

For me, it was about acceptance but realising more and more that it’s about confidence and the connection to others with what I'm doing. Having supportive people around me, and realising I'm not on my own.

I'm finally getting it – it makes me happy.

By being happy, I'm actually living my dream, not continually over analysing every thought. So from now on I will be sharing my art…

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