Thursday, May 8, 2014

The BHB (un-) conference

Where do I even begin to express what an amazing, inspirational weekend I had? If you have not heard about the BigHearted Business yet – just briefly it is about creative people who want to learn about business, and business people who want to learn about creativity, in ways that make sense. Their motto “do what you love, make money, save the world”. It’s called an (un-) conference because it is not your traditional business conference, attention to detail has been taken into consideration from the venue (the Regal Ballroom – Melbourne) where it was beautifully styled and the amazing food (by Joost) served which was absolutely delicious and waste free, yes more about that later. Founded by the talented musician Clare Bowditch, she has created a community in a time where it is much needed, full of inspiration, support and caring for all us creative sensitive types and for those who want to add creativity into their lives. Two days filled with an amazing panel of speakers.

Something happens when you are in a room full of women (and 30 men), listening to Clare and all the other amazing speakers. Instantly you feel a connection, maybe because we are all there for the same reason. In search of connection, understanding and knowing that you are not alone. Clare had us all singing, yes, for those who know me well I don’t sing but I sang for Clare! There was also a lot of dancing, so not your average conference.

My reason for desperately wanting to be a part of this years’ BHB was because lately I felt I was losing direction. I am multi passionate, (many creatives are), I like doing and making different things. I have many interests. I was so confused and overwhelmed by this that I was missing the bigger picture. Listening to all the panel speakers, the message was very clear and I was not the only one, that failure is a good thing and that you should do what is related to your values. That you should say YES to things that are out of your comfort zone because you don’t know where they might lead and to say NO more often and not make decisions based on obligation, to be different, to be you and to keep going. Find like minded people, have an open heart and be generous. To really know your values and to live by them, to know what success means to you and not what you think others want from you or someone else’s idea of success. Realising that there is no magic formula how to make it all work and to live by example. If you don’t like what you see then YOU make the change. To make small changes because it will make a difference, never stop learning. Even the people you think have “made it” are still figuring it all out. It’s okay to change your mind.

Another stand out for me was around collaboration, work with others because you cannot do it alone. To find the people who can assist in the things that you don’t like or not good at. It all makes sense; it’s pretty simple and straightforward. I have heard most of it before but the way this event has been put together brings it in a different light and it worked for me.

I was absolutely blown away in awe and inspiration when Joost Bakker came on stage. Seriously this guy is unbelievable. He provided all the food with his crew (of Silo and The Greenhouse) not only was it organic, vegetarian, and waste-free. There was NO rubbish, over 500 people, that in it self is incredible and has inspired me to start thinking about what I buy and what I do. Fabian Dattner was another inspiring speaker, such a strong and remarkable woman who did not pull any punches and I can’t even begin to talk about Danielle La Porte. I will be honest before BHB I had never heard of Danielle and have I been missing out! I’m ordering her books quick smart. Everyone that contributed was fantastic and to be honest I am only scratching the surface.

I have a bit of work to do now and looking forward to the challenges that lay ahead. So watch this space!

Both images from Big Hearted Business (top image : artwork by Carla Hacket)

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