Thursday, May 22, 2014

Who is your Target Audience? - suprisingly mine is Nina from Offspring!

When you are setting up a creative business, many factors are taken into consideration such as who is your target audience? I really had a difficult time answering that question; until it hit me! I’m in the process of launching a new handbag design and I realised that when designing it, I actually had one person in mind. Don’t laugh. Nina Proudman from Offspring. I did after all name my fabric design after her! It’s perfect because she is not a real person, she is a character and I can see that Nina around 30-something obstetrician, has her own individual style and now is a new mum. I think she would love a handmade product especially made in Australia, limited edition as she wouldn’t want too many others carrying the same bag. She is a career woman who appreciates and can afford spending a little bit more on quality. As a new mum this bag is perfect for her as she can wear it across her body and is hands free to hold bubs or push the pram. It is just the right size to keep her mobile, wallet and lip-gloss. The fabric is pale grey linen, which will soften with wear. The design is hand screen printed in black, which will suit many of her outfits. Come to think of it, she would also like my handcrafted ring stands as they would look great on her bedside table, any colour would suit from the beautiful painting by Rosetta Santucci or the gorgeous Nancybird quilt cover. I could even see Nina putting a ring stand on her window sill when she takes off her rings before she washes up or anywhere really in her eclectic home! I also think she would love my handcrafted tree artworks in her babies room, I could even add a little owl for baby Zoe just to make it even more special.

This process has made it a bit easier when asking and thinking about my target audience, obviously having a bit of fun along the way as well!

Image source: Inside Out Magazine issue July/Aug 2013 Photography : Armelle Habib

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